Twenty Something (2018)

"Twenty Something" follows best friends and Berkeley natives Ailani Liu and Jules Wiley. After graduating from college they moved back home to pursue their passions, but they found that their home is rapidly changing, and that making positive change in the world is more difficult than they imagined.

Vykolejeny (2016)

In the fall semester of her junior year Jalena Keane-Lee participated in a study abroad program with FAMU, Prague's most prestigious film and television school. Over the semester she wrote and directed a short film shot on 16mm film.


The Pick Up (2016)

Created by Jalena Keane-Lee and Clara Smith Written & Directed by Jalena Keane-Lee Cinematography by Clara Smith Produced by Lia Camargo, Jalena Keane-Lee and Clara Smith Sound by Rachel Pak and Sarah Ballin Edited by Jalena Keane-Lee, and Clara Smith.